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Gas station uses the car washing machine business model

Time£º2019/2/23Author£ºadminClick£º 1005
Now, with the increase in the number of cars, gas stations are springing up all over the country, and it is convenient for car owners to refuel, and it also creates increasingly fierce competition between gas stations. From the very beginning of the gift of various small gifts, to the current free car wash, no automatic washing machine or brushless automatic car washing machine has become the favorite object of gas stations. So, what is the business model of using an unmanned automatic car washer or a brushless automatic car washer at a gas station? Today, Xiaobian based on the actual experience to provide some reference to the oil station owners who have not installed an automatic washing machine or a brushless automatic washing machine.

First, if you refuel for more than a certain fee, you can enjoy a car wash free car wash. If the cost of refueling exceeds 200 yuan, you can wash your car for free once.

The second way is to recharge the card and recharge a certain amount of time (for example, 1000 yuan) to send a certain number of free car washes. This method is more conducive to the centralized owner of the fuel consumption than the first one, and the funds are easy to concentrate. So many gas station owners are more inclined to the second.

The installation of an unmanned automatic car washing machine or a brushless automatic car washing machine at a gas station is a good thing for the convenience of the people. This will not only solve the two problems of refueling and car washing at one time, but also save the owner a certain cost. The gas station owner also succeeds. Sold oil.