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What are the benefits of unmanned automatic washing machines for human society?

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Science and technology have driven the development of human society. Science and technology have liberated the strength of human beings in labor. The manufacture and use of unmanned automatic car washing machines is the benefit brought by technology. Maybe the people who drove have experienced how to use the automatic car washing machine to clean their car. It feels really clean and very clean. The following small series talk about the benefits of this car washing machine to human society?
        First, protect the environment. People used to wash cars, and some stood on the street and took a piece of rag and raised a bucket. If you need it, stop at the street and wash it. Not only will it cause some scratches on the paint, but the dirty water that is dumped everywhere will affect the environment. This has been avoided since the automatic car wash machine.
        Second, saving water resources. Car wash is naturally indispensable for water. When there was no automatic car washing machine before, it was also used in the car wash line to wash the high pressure water faucet first, then use the cleaning agent, and finally rinse with water. Washing a car will use about 100-150 liters of water, while an automatic car washer can save half of the water. For the dealers, it saves costs and costs less. For the country, it saves water.
        Third, the speed of car washing is increased. It takes 2-3 people to wash a car without using a car washing machine. It takes half an hour. With the automatic car washing machine, washing a car is just a few minutes, which really improves the work efficiency. This car wash speed is faster for the car wash line.
        With the development of technology, car washing machines have also gone from ordinary to automatic, and now there are tunnel-type computer unmanned automatic car washing machines, all of which have brought great benefits to human beings. Therefore, with the car in the future With the increase, the use of this automatic car washing machine will be more and more, and it is more and more popular with car owners.