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The future of the unmanned automatic car washing machine industry

Time£º2019/4/2Author£ºadminClick£º 1041
Do you know what an unmanned automatic car washing machine is? What is it controlled and composed? The reason why the unmanned automatic washing machine has been so popular in recent years is that it is not difficult to operate, the damage to the paint is relatively small, and the appearance looks very beautiful. In line with the aesthetic standards of modern people.
    I believe everyone knows that the car penetration rate in these developed countries is very high. In the United States alone, the car ownership has already accounted for one-fifth of the global total, and the number of cars has exceeded 130 million. The number of cars owned by Habitat is very high. There are 1 car for every 1.3 people in the country, but the number of car wash shops in the United States is far behind the number of cars. The number of specialized car wash shops is no more than 30,000. In the case that the number of such stores is far from the number of vehicles owned, how can those owners often keep the outside of the car clean? According to the survey, self-service car wash has been popular in the United States very early, and many places will be equipped with self-service car washing machines, such as high-speed service areas, gas stations and other places where more people gather, they will see them. .
    With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more people have joined the car family. Although the car wash shop is constantly increasing, it still cannot fully meet the domestic car washing number, plus all the big ones today. In the center of a medium-sized city, car wash shops cannot be opened. Many car wash shops can only be opened on the outskirts of the city. This will bring a lot of inconvenience to many car owners who want to wash their cars, not only for a long time. When the car goes to the suburbs, it may be necessary to wait in line.
    This also provides a very big business opportunity for the industry of unmanned automatic car washing machines. In the case of difficult car washing, if there is an automatic washing machine for unmanned cars, it can help many people solve the problem of car washing, and naturally they are happy. Pay for the bill.