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How to choose a good brushless automatic car washing machine?

Time£º2019/4/22Author£ºadminClick£º 1041
Nowadays, brushless automatic car washing machine has become a new generation of car cleaning tools, which are divided into contactless brushless automatic car washing machine, contact type brushless automatic car washing machine, high pressure water brushless automatic car washing machine and fully automatic computer brushless. Automatic car washing machine four categories. Many investors are always hesitant to face the ever-changing car wash equipment in the market. They don¡¯t know where to start, so today we will talk about how to choose one of the biggest points of the brushless automatic car washing machine. Good equipment.
  First, from the technical point of view, the Madith Brushless Automatic Car Washing Machine Company is the most advanced technology introduced in Germany, and its production technology and standards have reached the internationally recognized level. Due to the rise of China's auto industry, even small cities in the second and third tiers have cars in every household. The demand for brushless automatic car washing machines is gradually increasing. In order to meet different levels of customers, Medicis is constantly introducing new products. Recognized by the majority of consumers.
  Second, choose a good brushless automatic car washing machine, in addition to mature technology, the quality of brushless automatic car washing machine depends on the choice of spare parts, good accessories are the heart of a machine, but also the most basic guarantee. Maddis uses international first-line brands in its accessories. For example, our motors are from Italy's Sidi, and our electrical parts are all from Schneider, including Mitsubishi. These are the core components of our Maddis. The maintenance rate is also greatly reduced, and the peace of mind that customers buy is also our company's sales philosophy.
  The third and most crucial point is that the quality of the accessories is not too good. The quality of a brushless automatic car washing machine depends mainly on the production process. Madith has invested up to 10 million in production, such as our laser cutting, the accuracy rate is over 99%, and our workshop workers are high-quality technicians who have been screened by layers. .
  In summary, the details and attitudes determine everything, Madith is adhering to these two points to provide customers with a comprehensive service concept, is the most worthy of your trust!