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The remarkable features of the new unmanned automatic car washing machine for environmental protection engineering

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The new unmanned automatic car washing machine adopts intelligent control and water recycling to clean the vehicle single-axis tires and the side of the vehicle, which can realize ¡°unmanned¡± automatic operation, and the cleaning degree of one cleaning is over 80%, single vehicle The cleaning time is no more than one minute. Since the system automatic dosing device adds flocculant, it accelerates sludge sedimentation and water recycling, ensuring good cleaning effect. Compared with the traditional car wash station, the equipment is easy to install and transport, has better cleaning effect, and can be recycled among multiple projects, saving time, manpower, water resources and turnover costs, and promoting project management to be more intelligent. Informatization, to ensure the on-site civilized construction has a significant role.

Automatic car washing machine

Product features of the new unmanned automatic car washing machine for unmanned automatic washing machine:
1. The equipment can completely and completely clean the vehicle body, the chassis, the two sides of the car, the dirt and dust of the tire parts, such as the muck, the dump truck and the commercial vehicle.
2. With infrared sensor type automatic opening or manual opening, the selection method is diversified, flexible and convenient.
3. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly water recycling, saving water, * saving water resources.
4. It is convenient to transport and install, and can be put into use in 2 hours.
5. The cleaning speed is fast, no need for personnel to take care of, and the whole cleaning process is fully automatic.
6. It can be adapted to different construction sites, and the transition is convenient, and it can be recycled and reused.
7. Thickened steel, different types of equipment can be selected according to different environments
Unmanned automatic car washing machine
The new unmanned automatic car washing machine is a car washing equipment that realizes the automatic flushing of various types of engineering vehicles and completely solves the problem of road pollution caused by vehicles going out on urban construction sites. The engineering washing machine is suitable for construction sites, garbage disposal sites, quarries, cargo transfer yards and other places that can pollute the roads. Because the vehicle needs to be on the road immediately after washing through the car washing machine, the washed vehicle may bring the muddy water out of the construction site to cause pollution. To solve this problem, a set of rapid dehydration function is designed on the engineering washing machine to complete the flushing. After the vehicle was on the way to the construction site, it basically reached no water droplets and water flowing. Reduced pollution to the road surface.

Automatic car washing machine

Unmanned automatic car washing machine
The unmanned automatic car washing machine is an emerging car washing equipment. It adopts a fully automatic operation mode, which can be used for water supply, cleaning and mud discharging. It is suitable for construction roads, garbage disposal sites, quarries, cargo transfer yards, etc. A place that produces pollution. Usually, the car washing machine removes the car wash sludge by scraping the sludge out. This method can not scrape the mud in actual use. On the contrary, the scraper plays the role of a mixer in the pool, and the sediment sludge is stirred. It turns the muddy water of the pool into muddy water, which greatly reduces the car wash effect. Through the research on the construction car washing machine, people changed the original mud removal method, and now the mud pump is used to remove the sludge. Changed the original situation and greatly improved the water recycling rate.