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Field inspection of unmanned automatic car washing machine manufacturers should pay attention to what

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Field inspections of unmanned automatic car washing machine manufacturers should pay attention to the production scale, professional level, processing technology, professional team and so on.

Production process, material, car wash operation environment is very harsh, humid and heavy, the use of car wash liquid is mainly alkaline. The parts of the body are extremely rusty. Generally, the steel structural parts are subjected to hot-dip galvanizing treatment. The light is sprayed with paint and the rust-proof treatment is not achieved at all. The shaft parts are stainless steel, the motor casing is made of aluminum, and the sheet metal parts are stainless steel. Plastics should be made of materials that are not easily rusted. this point is very important. If the surface of the equipment is galvanized, the rust water will flow in less than half a year, and the stain will not look like it.

 Electrical components are also not negligible. The sensor is a key component for the control and inspection of unmanned automatic car washing machines. Famous brands have certain guarantees in quality, such as Schneider, Omron, etc. If some low-priced brands or counterfeit goods are used, it will lead to The service life is reduced for several years, the fault is frequent, and the equipment is repaired for a long time, causing a large number of customer losses, thus affecting the normal store operation.


The technical structure of the production enterprise is very important. Generally, the production enterprise will have its own technology research and development department. The unmanned automatic car washing machine belongs to the mechatronics product and needs continuous improvement and improvement. At the time of purchase, you can learn about the technical research and development team of the plant, communicate with the technical staff about the product development status and future product upgrades and technical support. If it is only a few hundred square meters of factory, the husband is the general manager, the wife is the financial manager and the service, we advise you not to be too cheap, or you will buy a pile of scrap iron to go home.

 Also depends on the user's reputation and service, service and product quality are inseparable, good product quality will reduce the maintenance rate of the equipment, but any machinery, especially advanced high-tech car washing equipment, will also appear mechanical or electrical failure at any time. This time is the time to test the service capabilities and conscience of the manufacturers. Some workshop-style enterprises say a set before buying, and after making a set, the customers can hardly get the service guarantee they deserve. Check the customer case of the equipment before buying, good products must have a good user reputation. In addition, the standardization of parts manufacturing, the convenience of maintenance depends on scientific and reasonable design and good processing technology, which reflects the design and manufacturing level of automatic car washing equipment from another aspect.