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How is the development of the unmanned (brushless) automatic car wash industry in China? What is the future development prospects?

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The unmanned (brushless) automatic car washing machine is actually an unattended, 24-hour shared self-service car washing machine. Nowadays, the most popular in the market is the intelligent self-service car washing machine. Because of its high equipment cost, high car wash price and the need for storefronts, the computerized automatic car washing machine is far less popular than the self-service car washing machine.

Accurately speaking, in the future, China's car wash market will be dominated by self-service car wash, and other ways complement the market structure. Foreign self-service car washing methods have been popular for many years, and the domestic development trend is getting thousands of miles. More and more cities are starting to be popularized and promoted under the leadership of the government. Smart city, intelligent community construction, must have intelligent self-service car washing machine. Convenient for the people, energy saving and environmental protection, car wash service at home, cheap and convenient, welcomed by the owners.

Many friends said that it is now free to add a little oil, but you thought about it. Is the frequency of your car washing high or is it high? 80% of gas stations do not have this service. The reality is that most gas stations are now starting to self-service car washing machines. There is a self-service car washing machine in the community. Is it more convenient than running a long way to wash the car?

As we all know, the popularity of cars is getting faster and faster, and how many cars have a large market. The scope of installation of unmanned self-service car washing machines is wider and wider, and the future prospects are boundless!