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Unmanned automatic car washing machine brush classification

Time2018/12/21AuthoradminClick 864
The car wash brush is the most important part of the unmanned automatic car washing machine and the only part that makes direct contact with the car paint surface. The quality of the brush directly affects the quality of the car wash. In the short term, the user will not notice that the inferior brush will greatly reduce the gloss of the vehicle after one month of continuous use. The car wash brush on the Chinese car washing machine market can be roughly divided into four types: cloth brush, cotton brush, fiber brush and foam brush.

Cloth brush: The brush material was first introduced to Taiwan from Japan in the 1990s and then introduced to the mainland. The brush is characterized by a good cleaning degree, a short service life, and easy to wrap with gravel. If the vehicle is not pretreated with a high pressure water gun during the car wash, the sand on the body will easily be wrapped in the brush and leave a noticeable scratch on the body. The cloth brush is also easy to wind the wiper. The wiper should be fixed with tape during use, otherwise it will be easily damaged. However, due to the very low cost of the material, it has been selected by some manufacturers.

Cotton brush: The second generation of car wash brush, characterized by very high degree of cleanliness and high water content. However, the material of the non-woven cotton absorbs a large amount of water, which causes the weight of the brush to increase exponentially. In the process of using the small car washing machine, it is easy to cause an accident. The brush is popular in the country for less than two years, that is, gradually Large manufacturers abandoned.

Fiber brush: The third generation car wash brush, which uses special polymer material, is soft and not easy to break, can be processed into different colors, and the color is very dazzling during use. At present, there are two kinds of filaments and sheets on the market, wherein the silk shape is made in China, and the durability and softness of the material are poor, and the long-term use will damage the brightness of the vehicle. The shape of the sheet is imported from Italy. The material is obviously better than the domestic fiber brush, especially the uneven corrugation on the surface of the sheet brush. It can be attached with a large amount of water during cleaning, so that the contact between the body of the brush and the vehicle is more lubricated. The cutting edge is treated with high-tech velvet and the car wash quality is guaranteed to a greater extent. However, the cost of the imported brush is very high and is used less in the country.

Foam brush: The fourth generation of car washing machine brush, characterized by light weight, high degree of cleanliness, good dehydration, especially suitable for use in the northern region. The same foam brush is also divided into domestic and imported, the domestic foam brush is cheap, the material is loose, easy to break, the contact with the car body is small, affecting the degree of cleanliness. The domestic foam brushes are basically processed into thin strips, which is not conducive to cleaning the dirty parts of the vehicle. Imported foam brushes (mostly in the United States) are made of tight materials and high wear resistance. In particular, the horizontal installation method effectively solves the excessive softness of the foam brush. When the vehicle is brushed, it can protect the paint surface and provide sufficient cleaning strength. The dewatering performance is also superior to the domestic foam brush, but it is high. The import price cannot be accepted by most car washing machine manufacturers. ( uses the imported non-porous foam brush)