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How to choose a brushless automatic car washer

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Brushless automatic car washing machine is also called contactless car washing machine. Automatic brushless car washing machine is more and more favored by customers. How to choose a car washing machine with strong durability and low maintenance cost is the most wanted to open a car wash shop. The voice of the boss.
First of all, we must popularize the structural knowledge of the contactless car washing machine. The contactless car washing machine has two structures.
The first type is a pulley-type 360-degree car washing machine. The pulley is placed on the square tube to move back and forth. This kind of car washing machine is prone to the accident of the car washing machine falling off the rail. Because it moves often years ago, the pulley moves in serious wear, and usually does not pay attention to the inspection. It will be easy to have an accident. Due to limited load-bearing capacity, many functions cannot be realized on the car washing machine.
The second type is a hanging rail type 360 degree car washing machine. This type of car washing machine moves the wheels back and forth inside the guide rails, and adopts a suspension method to prevent the car washing machine from falling. The hanging car washing machine has a large bearing capacity and many functions can be Directly installed on the washing machine for fully automatic operation.
How to choose a brushless automatic car washing machine is as follows:
1. The selection of a stable intelligent power distribution control system is very important. The controllers used in the electronic control system should use international brands such as Siemens, ABB, and Schneider. Other brands have major problems with stability. The proximity switch Schneider and other qualities are more durable and generally not too bad for more than a decade.
2. The water pump used in the car washing machine is the core component of the car washing machine. The brushless automatic car washing machine at home and abroad generally adopts two brands of Taiwan Physics and Pingfu, and the water pump is the most expensive accessory on the car washing machine. The general price is around 15,000 yuan. The service life of a good pump is greatly improved, the failure rate is greatly reduced, and the car wash effect is greatly improved. Other brands of pumps are basically not considered. Maintenance costs will be greatly reduced after using a good pump.
3. The high-pressure water pipe joint should be connected with a pressure of up to 200 kg to ensure that the high-pressure joint is not damaged when the water pressure reaches 70-80 kg in long-term use, and the service life of the high-pressure water pipe joint is guaranteed. Under normal circumstances, the standard 304 stainless steel high pressure joints can be used for up to 20 years.
4. The startup mode of the pump motor directly affects the service life of the pump and the motor. The general manufacturer adopts the star-delta step-down startup mode or the soft starter to start slowly. This kind of startup mode does not affect the motor and the pump even in the troublesome startup. Cause damage.
5, ultra-high pressure hose should be double-layer steel hose, pressure resistance up to 300 kg, when moving in the front, rear, left and right will not cause the hose to appear due to high pressure or aging tube explosion.
6. Ultrasonic sensor selection is also very important. Ultrasonic is to measure the length of the car body. If the ultrasonic wave is in error during measurement, it will guide the 7-type spray bar to rotate and think that it has reached the rear of the car, which will cause certain damage to the car body. The high quality is Sensors, will play a big role in the stability of the car washing machine, generally using imported brands, the import quality will be much higher than the domestic production, but the price is generally more than 2,000 yuan.
7, motor speed control has three control methods, one, frequency control, two, step control, three, servo control, have their own advantages, stability is basically the same, car washing machine stability is the most important.
The frequency conversion control has the lowest maintenance cost, is a standard part, mature technology, low failure rate, and the car wash speed is more than ten seconds slower than the servo. The biggest advantage of frequency conversion control is that when the boom hits the body, the inverter controller will sense the current increase and output the alarm function to achieve the benefits of digital collision avoidance.
Step control and maintenance cost is low, the technology is mature, the failure rate is low, and the car wash speed is the same as the frequency conversion control.
The servo control has high maintenance cost, mature technology, low failure rate and fast car wash speed.
8, anti-rust treatment, the general car washing machine after hot-plating after anti-rust treatment, you can install, after a long time there will be rusting phenomenon, and some manufacturers will spray a layer of paint on it, will also increase Anti-rust effect.