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What are the characteristics of the brushless automatic car washing machine?

Time£º2018/12/29Author£ºadminClick£º 909
The brushless automatic car washing machine is derived from the advanced technology of the United States. It is suitable for installation indoors. The walking track is on both sides of the upper part of the house. The machine reciprocating walking high pressure surround flushing system panel operation powerful side spray, bottom spray system 360 degree rotary direct injection system, automatic free Wiping system, foam liquid system, rocker transfer, automatic water wax spray system, vertical stainless steel high pressure water pump, leakage switch, motor thermal protector, photoelectric and proximity sensor, PLC touch screen, safety protection device, computer fault alarm detection, computer recording Number, body automatic sensing detection, intelligent photoelectric positioning system, automatic air drying, no need to manually wipe the foam, automatic operation, and no contact with the car paint, the real does not hurt the car paint, the cleaning cleanliness is very good.