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Car comprehensive maintenance is indispensable for unmanned automatic car washing machine

Time£º2019/1/2Author£ºadminClick£º 898
After frequent use of the car, it is necessary to do comprehensive maintenance. Speaking of comprehensive maintenance, it seems that the car washing machine can not be pulled, and it is indeed the maintenance of the maintenance master, but most 4S shops or car repair shops will install unmanned automatic car washing machine, the reason is very simple, can not be maintained once, The car is still so dirty.

    The first thing to maintain is the car tires. It should be checked whether the tire pressure is normal. Because the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large in winter, the tire pressure is easy to change due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, many car owners in winter reduce the adhesion. Tire pressure.

    When the spring is coming, the temperature difference becomes smaller and the temperature is warmer. First, check the tire pressure to prevent the tire from being damaged. In addition, the side and ground parts of the tire should be inspected for obvious damage. Whether there is any foreign matter such as stones between the treads needs to be cleaned up in time.

    The second thing to check is the condition of the oil. If you need to drive long distances and go home, it is easy to see the phenomenon of antifreeze and oil loss. In this case, you should add it in time. However, antifreeze has a common type and a long life type, and it is common to replace it every two years because the anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives in the antifreeze will gradually fail.

    After that, I must also give the car a clean and maintenance appearance. The car is clean and can reflect the high level and position of the store service. The owner is willing to come back later. Therefore, 4s shop or car repair shop is inevitably better to have an unmanned automatic car washing machine!