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Unmanned vending machine domestic market outlook

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With the increase in income levels, people's pursuit of flexibility, convenience, speed and self-service is the main reason for the rapid development of unmanned vending machines. Unmanned vending machines in developed countries have become an integral part of the retail industry, especially for the younger generation. This avant-garde retail approach with its growth is a new consumer fashion. With the continuous expansion of the opening up, the traditional retail industry has developed into a coexistence of department stores, supermarket chains, TV direct sales, factory direct sales, etc., which greatly facilitates people's lives. As a well-developed and widely used retailer in the developed countries that sells small items such as food, beverages and cigarettes through unattended vending machines, it will be rapidly developed in China with its convenient and novel features. This is not only the need of market development, but also the symbol of the modernization of business and the need for China to be in line with international standards.

In China, with the development and maturity of the self-service industry, the city's civilized index continues to rise, and self-service products such as unattended vending machines, mobile phone stations, filling beverage vending machines, milk vending machines, and gum vending machines will be The trend of rising straight is appearing around the general public and is slowly gaining popularity. I believe that in the near future, like the unmanned vending machines, mobile phone gas stations, milk vending machines, mobile phone vending machines, in addition to the popularity of first-tier cities, many second- and third-tier cities will also be affected by the majority of vending machine operators. attention. .

However, unmanned vending machines, a popular consumption method and carrier that are commonplace in foreign cities, not only did not get the expected market effect and widespread recognition from consumers after entering the Chinese market a few years ago, but also caused serious damage due to serious damage to some equipment. There is no small economic loss. However, this has not cooled the enthusiasm of investors. Not only has the unmanned vending machine market not been underestimated, but it will usher in more powerful competitors. With the development of information technology and the improvement of economic level, people's transformation in the concept of consumption, consumption, and the pursuit of quality of life are also changing with each passing day. According to the general view of the international retail industry, when the per capita GDP level exceeds 4,000 US dollars, it means that the market has entered the stage of rapid development of vending machines.